Are you planning a visit to the cafe? We would love to have you! Please read through all the FAQS before calling to make a reservation. Our first priority is the cats that we have in care and want to make sure your visit is the best experience possible.

What is a cat cafe?

Cat cafés have two components — a café/restaurant in one area, and a cat room on the other. Cats are kept separate from any food service and prep areas. Customers can stay on the cafe side, or take their beverages and food over to the other room to hang out with the kitties.

Can I bring my cat?

No, please don’t bring your cat from home. Although we would love to meet your kitties, we already have kitties at the cafe for you to play and snuggle with.

Where are the cats from?

Excalipurr is partnered with multiple rescues across Saskatchewan. We are proud to partner with SOS Prairie Rescue and SCRAPS from Moose Jaw. All the cats and kittens have been spayed/neutered and are up to date on their vaccinations.

How much does it cost to enter the cat room?

It costs $7 per person for 45 minutes in the cat room. We offer a $25 family price which includes 4 admissions (must be made in same purchase). We also have $5 TUESDAYS, where admission is only $5 for 45 minutes per person.

Do I need to make a reservation?

We suggest to make a reservation for the cat room. We accept walk-ins ONLY upon availability, so if you want to guarantee a spot please call ahead at 306-543-7877. We only take reservations over the phone and keep in mind that we book on the hour.

Are kids allowed in the cat room?

Yes, kids are allowed in the cat room. Here at Excalipurr we ask that any children under the age of 13 years old need to be supervised and accompanied by an adult. There must be one adult per 2 kids in the cat room at all times. We recommend that children be 5 years and up to visit, but if they can follow the rules that we have for the room they are welcome to come.

Can I take my drink and food into the cat room?

Yes you can! We just ask that you take care and watch your cups. You are more than welcome to take your food into the cat room as well, but beware of the feline thieves. If you do not want to take your food into the cat room, we ask that you plan it into your visit so that you can enjoy your full 45 minutes in the cat room.

What are the rules for the cat room?

Please remember that you are coming into the CATS home. This is their safe space. Many if not all of the cats that are at the cafe are rescues who may love human interaction but also can scare easily. Both children and adults must follow the rules or you will be asked to leave. Please respect other peoples space. This is a shared public space.


  1. Please remove your shoes. Your shoes can carry many things on them that can be harmful to the cats. It also helps keep our space clean for everyone.
  2. Make sure all doors are closed at all times. We do not want any escapees.
  3. Do not pick up the cats! Not all cats like to be picked up, so for their safety and yours we do not allow people to pick up the cats. Let them come to you! Sitting on the floor at their level is always best.
  4. Do not climb on furniture or any shelving or platforms that are meant for the cats ONLY.
  5. If a cat is hiding in a cubby, under a couch, or sleeping. Leave it be!
  6. Do not feed the cats. You are not allowed to bring in any treats or toys for the cats. They get spoiled already!
  7. No screaming, running or jumping. We respectfully ask that if you bring a child that can not follow this rule that you would leave the room.

We want everyones experience to be great, please respect the cats space!

When is the best time to visit?

We keep anywhere from 15-20 cats at one time so their is usually always someone awake and willing to play, but be mindful that they are cats and we can not guarantee a “certain” experience. Cats spend a lot of time sleeping! The cat room is usually less busy during the week, busier times are when kids are not in school.

What if I want to adopt?

All the cats at the cafe are up for adoption at the cafe. If you fall in love with one of the cats we can do adoptions on-site at the cafe. Their will be an application form as well as an adoption contract to fill out. The adoption fee is $175 for cats.

If you have any other questions please feel free to give us a call!